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Omni Channel Retail in the Age of eCommerce

The eCommerce market has changed a lot since Web 2.0. The landscape has grown from websites that reflect an extension of a brick-and-mortar storefront, to freestanding websites that have no physical retail outlet, to the latest advancements in Omni Channel Retail that combine the traditional and the new for a seamless shopping experience that unifies the customers interaction with an organization across all levels of engagement. This multifaceted approach to customer service allows organizations to grow beyond the increasingly old-fashioned limitations of web strategies like rough demographic ad placement and canned email advertisement.

Omni Channel Retail is an interconnected approach to eCommerce. Rather than having each arm of your online and physical presence siloed off in their own, respective streams, this strategy unifies them and allows them to communicate with each other. This doesn’t mean that all parts of your business have to be in perfect harmony, far from it. It only means that your customers experience a unified front when engaging with your business. Rather than the scattershot approach that has become standard with online marketing, this system reconnects these resources to better mobilize your customer base. Customers can be attracted with initial ad placement, which can then tie into repeat business, but also link into brick-and-mortar events. This changes the way we approach selling in the online world.

eCommerce has grown and changed since the internet first became a household utility. Our business strategies should grow to reflect that change.

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